We offer our clients a wide range of print media titles both in magazines and newspapers throughout the United States. We also work with many magazine titles that are often overlooked, but have been proven to be highly productive for the direct response market – such as the rural electric co-op’s and membership titles. With newspapers, we not only offer major market publications, but also cater to the C&D market as well, as product/mail order tends to do fairly well in more rural, suburban areas. 

​This breadth of offering allows all clients to ensure that they are reaching the readership which best matches their customer base and their budget. 

Due to the many years of experience in the direct response media industry, we have built wonderful, strong partnerships with our media reps, which in turn allows us to negotiate very aggressive rates for our clients  for both remnant and guaranteed placements.

Our clients can be rest assured that we will never forsake placement or color just to land a rate. All negotiations are done so that the clients receive advertisement options that will help to grow their brand, lead to sales, and create a profitable return on the marketing investment. 

Niche Market Specialists

Simplifying the process

Expansive Titles

Providing clients simple, effective, and profitable access to  direct response marketing opportunities in print for over a decade.

Our goal is not just to bring clients a profitable return on their advertising investment dollars, but to make the process as seamless and worry free as possible. Our clients benefit from having  us take care of the entire process: from putting together rate quotes, confirming run and material due dates, ensuring creative meets all specifications, having a hassle free invoicing system, and much, much more

All clients are a priority, no matter how big or how small.   We will always make you feel like you are our only account. 

We look forward to working with you!

Over years of working in the direct response advertising market, we have become experts in offering key products and services. We are known as marketing leaders in the senior citizen product market, and have a strong track record with our business partners when guiding them to the right titles and advertisement timing.

Negotiated Rates