Vivian Shapiro, President of PS Direct, has been involved in the direct response world for 40 years starting her career at David Geller Associates. She founded PS Direct in 2002 with the focus on creating a one stop shop for clients who wanted to simplify their media buying needs and get the best rates possible. 

Vivian uses her strength in negotiation to offer the best possible remnant rates for each of her clients. She also excels at being able to guide her clients through seasonal fluctuations making sure each client fully understands how response rates are affected by everything from the current political landscape to the weather.  Vivian is also an advocate of testing each client's offer and the media itself to ensure that the campaign being recommended will result in measurable success.


Mariko Perry has been working at PS Direct from the very beginning, starting her professional career as an Administrative Assistant at the age of 19. Over the years, she has held many different roles at the company and currently primarily focuses on sales and media negotiation. She does wear many other hats so you may hear from her through different services.

With over a decade of experience in the direct response marketing industry, Mariko has come to believe that no advertiser should have to pay an exorbitant rate to advertise in today's market.  She gauges her success on whether or not she can offer a cost effective campaign through extensive media negotiations, which she hopes will lead to a higher return on investment for her accounts.  This attitude, mixed with Mariko's professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond, is the reason she is so well respected and trusted by clients and business partners alike.​

Our Philosophy

Who We Are

At PS Direct our philosophy is simple: Print is not dead! In fact this media type continues to be a productive, effective, and profitable way to reach customers and create sales.

Everything works at a rate and if your offer is a hit. . . ROLL IT OUT!